Accompany families and social organizations committed to transforming the country for a fairer society.


To be a Mennonite NGO that accompanies integral human development processes based on Christian ethical values, with a focus on human rights.

Definition of the Organization

CASM is an ecumenical organization that helps strengthen the processes of democratization and local and regional development in Honduras. Promote citizen participation of sectors of civil society, establishing relationships of respect, dialogue and consultation with local governments, based on a Christian ethic with a focus on the human development of the poorest families and communities in Honduras. CASM is based on the fact that God is the center of the universe and the family is the fundamental unit of society. Under this Christian concept, the Anabaptist-Mennonite tradition, based on love, peace, justice, nonviolence and solidarity, is that as an institution, we believe that all families have the right to social integration, to the use and rational use of resources, to have more opportunities and a greater capacity for management and negotiation, so that they can obtain a greater participation in the social, economic, political, cultural, spiritual and, therefore, greater well-being, better condition and quality of lifetime.