1. Promote the construction of citizenship in the intervention communities of CASM, under a human rights approach.

  • Promote effective citizen practices in CASM intervention communities.
  • Promote citizen control (or social audit) of public policies in CASM intervention communities.
  • Promote the protection of human rights of vulnerable social sectors in the areas of intervention of CASM.
  • Strengthen the capacities of ecclesial leaders to become involved in the processes of building citizenship, social control and protection of human rights.

2. Reduce socio-environmental vulnerability in the areas of institutional intervention.

  • Support local organizations to improve their socioeconomic conditions and biophysical conditions of the microbasins in the areas of institutional intervention.
  • To technically train social actors in strategies for the sustainable management of natural resources.
  • Implement initiatives to adapt to climate change.
  • Strengthen capacities of social and ecclesial organizations in Risk Management at local and regional level, in areas vulnerable to disasters.
  • Support local governments, social organizations, churches in emergency response actions.

3. Improve the economic and social conditions of the population in the areas of institutional intervention.

  • Promote food security in municipal planning of institutional intervention zones.
  • Implement innovative productive initiatives in the intervened communities.
  • Promote networks and business associations of producers in the intervention areas.
  • Strengthen management capacities and mobilization of resources for the implementation of projects in the intervention areas.
  • Support initiatives linked to improving the living conditions of vulnerable sectors (children, the elderly, people with HIV, women).
  • Promote spaces for exchange and volunteering of people and groups related to national and international churches.

4. Strengthening the processes, institutional norms and human and professional capital of CASM.

  • Improve skills, abilities and skills of the technical and managerial team of CASM.
  • Improve processes and methods of institutional work of the technical and managerial team of CASM.
  • Implement a financial sustainability strategy for CASM.
  • Systematization of CASM intervention experiences.
  • Promote the exchange of experiences with cooperating personnel to strengthen the institutional processes.